Jan 08

Photographic review of the PTS PDR-C AEG

Just as practical as a P90
Great styling
Comfortable to hold
High quality ball bearing gearbox

Small battery compartment at the pistol grip
Small hex screws everywhere
Not so easy to dissemble

These photos show the critical structure of the PDR-C AEG:

mini-CIMG0294 mini-CIMG0295 mini-CIMG0300 mini-CIMG0316 mini-CIMG0317 mini-CIMG0320 mini-CIMG0326

mini-CIMG0343 mini-CIMG0338 mini-CIMG0339 mini-CIMG0342 mini-CIMG0330

mini-CIMG0349 mini-CIMG0350 mini-CIMG0351mini-CIMG0352mini-CIMG0357




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