Jan 09

Photographic review of the Hephaestus AK GBB

These photos show the architecture of the Hephaestus AK GBB:

mini-CIMG0113mini-CIMG0110 mini-CIMG0106 mini-CIMG0087 mini-CIMG0102 mini-CIMG0086 mini-CIMG0081 mini-CIMG0080 mini-CIMG0075 mini-CIMG0071 mini-CIMG0073 mini-CIMG0064 mini-CIMG0061mini-CIMG9999 mini-CIMG9997 mini-CIMG9996mini-CIMG9995



mini-CIMG9992 mini-CIMG9974 mini-CIMG9963 mini-CIMG9946 mini-CIMG9947 mini-CIMG9942 mini-CIMG9936 mini-CIMG9937 mini-CIMG9932 mini-CIMG9923 mini-CIMG9920 mini-CIMG9915 mini-CIMG9917 mini-CIMG9909 mini-CIMG9902 mini-CIMG9907 mini-CIMG9897


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