Jan 09

Photographic review of a modified SVD sniper rifle

Unique styling
Very accurate

The entire mechanism needs to be fine tuned
Very heavy
The spring is not easy to pull

These photos show the architecture of a modified SVD sniper rifle (springer):

mini-CIMG9226mini-CIMG9228 mini-CIMG9250 mini-CIMG9256 mini-CIMG9257 mini-CIMG9265 mini-CIMG9272 mini-CIMG9279 mini-CIMG9282 mini-CIMG9286 mini-CIMG9295 mini-CIMG9297 mini-CIMG9300 mini-CIMG9303 mini-CIMG9307 mini-CIMG9308 mini-CIMG9440 mini-CIMG9441 mini-CIMG9446 mini-CIMG9449 mini-CIMG9453 mini-CIMG9458 mini-CIMG9459




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