Jan 08

Stock weld


Stock weld is the point of firm contact between the cheek and the stock of the rifle. As an integral part of various positions, the stock weld should provide for a natural line of sight through the center of the rear sight aperture to the front sight post (and to the target). A proper stock weld is facilitated by the placement of your cheek against the stock in a firm and consistent manner.

If you intend to wear a protective face mask, check to ensure that proper stock weld is possible with the face mask in place. Based on our experience, most protective masks in the market are either too big or too hard for a comfortable and natural stock weld to be established.

To “pose” a good stock weld, your right elbow should be positioned naturally to provide balance to the position and create a “pocket” in the shoulder for the butt stock. Your neck should always be relaxed when firing, thus allowing your cheek to fall naturally onto the stock. Do note that even though the exact placement of the elbow would vary with each shooting position, you must try to have the position remains consistent from shot to shot.



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