Jan 08

Basic Airsoft Rifle Marksmanship


Enemies are seldom visible except when assaulting. Combat fire should be directed at an area where the enemies have been detected (or where you suspect they are hiding). However, you must realize the difference between a real firearm and an airsoft replica. Most high power airsoft replicas can produce an effective shooting range of max 35~50 meters (we are talking about effective range, NOT maximum flying distance), which is far below that of a real rifle. Practical implication: For stock gun, the range at which your enemy can be effectively engaged rarely exceeds 30~40 meters.*

Before approaching the firing line, you should assume a steady position that allows clear observation of the target. Aim the airsoft rifle at the target by aligning the sight system, and fire the rifle without disturbing this alignment (this means you need to exercise proper breathing and trigger squeezing).

It is technically possible for a heavily upgraded gun to shoot and hit a target that is 60~70 meters away. However, such a range is often a range-in-dispute since there is no way for you to visually confirm the hit. Based on our experience, honesty exists only when visual confirmation can be maintained.



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