Airsoft guns capable of full auto firing or those that resemble a sub-machine gun/machine pistol are never allowed in Australia. Otherwise, importation requires the B709 Importation of Firearms Police Confirmation and Certification Form. Also note that:

  • Airsoft is regulated in New South Wales as firearms.
  • Airsoft is not permitted in Victoria. Also not in Queensland.
  • In South Australia, airsoft guns with a muzzle velocity of less than 175 ft/s are regulated imitation firearms that are under certain licensing and storage requirements.
  • In Western Australia they are not allowed at all.
  • In Northern Territory, airsoft is legal if you get the proper firearm licence for it.
  • In the Australian Capital Territory, all airsoft guns that resemble semiautomatic or automatic military rifles or shotguns adapted for military purpose are considered prohibited weapons.
  • In Tasmania, the airsoft sport is currently banned.
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