Jan 11

Photographic review of the 1911 GBB

These photos show the architecture of the 1911 GBB:

mini-CIMG6860 mini-CIMG6862 mini-CIMG6728 mini-CIMG6729 mini-CIMG6731 mini-CIMG6734 mini-CIMG6738 mini-CIMG6743 mini-CIMG6749 mini-CIMG6750 mini-CIMG6760 mini-CIMG6771 mini-CIMG6776 mini-CIMG6779 mini-CIMG6784 mini-CIMG6790 mini-CIMG6802 mini-CIMG6803 mini-CIMG6805 mini-CIMG6806 mini-CIMG6808 mini-CIMG6813 mini-CIMG6818 mini-CIMG6824 mini-CIMG6825 mini-CIMG6827 mini-CIMG6829 mini-CIMG6834 mini-CIMG6837 mini-CIMG6839 mini-CIMG6852 mini-CIMG6856



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