Jan 09

Photographic review of the Cybergun SG556 AEG

Good finishing
Suitable for high FPS upgrade

Not so easy to dissemble
Gearbox must be fine tuned
Wiring is difficult since space is tight

These photos show the architecture of the Cybergun SG556:

mini-CIMG6307 mini-CIMG6321 mini-CIMG6331 mini-CIMG6349 mini-CIMG6355 mini-CIMG6357 mini-CIMG6364 mini-CIMG6394 mini-CIMG6399 mini-CIMG6405 mini-CIMG6407 mini-CIMG6412 mini-CIMG6424 mini-CIMG6431 mini-CIMG6432 mini-CIMG6435 mini-CIMG6441 mini-CIMG6453mini-CIMG6457





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