Learn the mainstream M249 AEG architecture


The M249 is a light machine gun LMG. It is in fact the American adaptation of the FN Minimi. First introduced in 1984, it aims to provide infantry squads with massive volume of fire without sacrificing accuracy and portability. The real steel comes with a quick-change barrel so an overheated barrel can be easily swapped.

This updated training book has been developed from the ground up for beginners who know little about Airsoft AEG technology. As part of our Airsoft Technology Self-Paced Training Series, this book gives an introduction to the basic M249 AEG architecture. The primary goal of this book is to explain the various AEG technical concepts in very simple language.

We believe that this book and its support materials have everything you need for an informative, interesting, challenging and entertaining Airsoft educational experience.

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